Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels

Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels
2002 Mazda SUV ES-V6 & 2008 Cruiser Travel Trailer - Fun Finder X - 189FBR

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Beach Cabana

Looking for new ways to use our new trailer, we decided to visit a nearby RV resort that was close to the Gulf beaches. We took the trailer to Honeymoon Island State Park, less than 20 miles from home, where we set it up on the edge of one of the several beach parking lots. After setting up the awning and putting out the folding tables and chairs, we sat down to enjoy our beachside "cabana."

All went well until the park ranger arrived and informed us that we had to move our RV back into the parking area. What a party pooper! Even though we had to give up our beachside spot, we had a nice day at the beach. We had packed the fridge with food and ate our luch, right there in the parking lot.

Later in the afternoon we moved the RV to the Blue Moon Inn RV Resort in Dunedin, just outside of Honeymoon Island. It was average as things go, but well-kept. It had many full-time and seasonal residents. We spent the night and then returned to the Honeymoon Island island causeway the next day. Instead of continuing out onto the island, we parked on the sand along the causeway, which was pretty nice. We parked next to a catamaran and sailboard rental place and a snack trailer, which we visited for hot dogs and fries.

All in all, it was a nice way to spend a weekend. As we were learning, any day is a better day when spent in our RV.

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