Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels

Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Squirrels; One Of God's Creatures Or Demons?

While others have referred to squirrels as "rats with bushy tails," I have taken a more tolerant view. As a lover of nature and the natural world (which might be the same thing), I try to see the linkage between all things, knowing that everything on our planet serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things (except for Mosquitos and Black Flies, and maybe those really big and hairy spiders, whose only reason to be here must be to torment - or, in the case of those big spiders, to scare the hell out of man).

Well, that was how I viewed squirrels, at least until a fellow RV'er told me this story: "A squirrrel climbed up on a neighbor's RV, chewed its way through the roof top refrigerator vent and then began eating the refrigerator's insulation." Hmm, the squirrel was more likely attracted to the heat eminating from the refrigerator's vent and, upon following the vent pipe to the source of all that cozy heat, decided to shred the insulation around the fridge and make itself a nice, warm and cozy home. How sweet!

BUT WAIT! That could've been my RV! And with that thought, I lost all interest in trying to analyze the motivations of a cute, furry critter, just another one of God's creatures, and instead began visualizing myself, or better yet, my dog, Rocky, tearing the little buck-toothed vermin to pieces if it tried to come within chewing distance of my RV!

Am I wrong?

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