Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels

Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels
2002 Mazda SUV ES-V6 & 2008 Cruiser Travel Trailer - Fun Finder X - 189FBR

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

January And February at Bay Bayou, Tampa, in West-Central Florida

I finally got to process some digital photos that I had taken while we were staying at Bay Bayou RV Resort in Tampa, Florida. Although not all of our stay there was enjoyable, mostly due to conditions outside of the park's control, especially the weather, we did meet some very nice people (Hi Rhoda and Mike, Hank and Jerry!) and furry friends (Rocky sends out a ROWF! to Missy, Ralph, Spot and Harvey and a GRRRR! to all of those pesky squirrels that dropped acorns on our roof every night).

Maureen looking just beee-you-tif-fullll!

Some good-looking guy who liked to come around and play with Rocky (Notice the loose clothes? I'm still losing weight. Eat your hearts out, Hans and Tony).

That's NOT snow on the ground (although it might of well have been); it's crushed shells

Mo looking for warmer weather...

The view north from our site (#123; our 3rd site in 2 months at the same resort)

And south... The cul-de-sac and the dreaded stinky 5th wheeler is down at the end...

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