Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels

Our Vacation Cottage On Wheels
2002 Mazda SUV ES-V6 & 2008 Cruiser Travel Trailer - Fun Finder X - 189FBR

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March at the Naples KOA, Southwest Florida

Here are some photos we took at the KOA in Naples, FL. The resort is below Naples, just north of the bridge onto Marco Island (check-out Joey's Pizza and Pasta House on Collier Blvd on Marco Island; their food is great - especially the Tiramisu). Wildlife seen: Armadillo, Alligators (a couple of 3-4 footers live in the drainage ditches at the edge of the resort, Opossum, and an Eagle; really a big hawk, but "Eagle" sounds more impressive). Heard about: Feral Pigs; living just outside resort in jungle along dog-walk road; a male and a female with several youngsters. A little known fact: when domestic pigs escape into the wild, they change/metamorphize into different creatures. Besides getting much bigger [see "Hogzilla"], they grow longer, dark hair and big, sharp tusks - and mean dispositions.).

The Queen of KOAs at the Naples KOA

Site 1A; the penthouse suite.

Our living room. Just kidding, it's really our den...

Our trusty (or is that rusty?) bikes.

Our tow vehicle/limousine and kayak
(just in case we get caught in a flash flood).

Our dining room...

The Shuffleboard Court; the only sport that takes more energy to watch than to actually play.

The neighborhood swimming hole...

Just after the daily naked volleyball game... Just kidding!

Just when I thought I'd seen everything; I thought that God did that...

Just when I was pleased to see that we didn't have the smallest trailer in the resort, I learned that this one was for the guy's Mother-In-Law - he pulls it behind his 40 foot motorhome... ;)

Till next time... Rocky sends a big GRROWFFF! out to his friends.

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